I have been with Forbesthosting for year and a half. With that in mind me an my group couldn’t be happier.99.9% up time and in the event something goes wrong they know how to make it right on their end and by you the customer.so any of you looking for a great host look no more. Forbesthosting.com has you covered.

chris Bealonis of bealsmmohaven.com on 24 Mar 2013

Good Service Good people I have been with them for 4 months now and have been happy since day 1. I would recommend this company for anyone interested in a good host

by Eric Petrosky of www.bosgaming.us on 03 Nov 2010

A few years ago I had forbesthosting web service, who at that time also hosted my domain name. It was fine until things started moving around on their system, which made my website duplicate in 2 different places. Some people would get one version of the site, others would get some other version. I believe if I remember right the problem was with conflicting name servers. Anyway, long story short, we ended up leaving and moving to another provider. Between then and now, I have had my fair share of other web hosting companies, but just couldn’t settle down on one that was fast, cheap, and reliable. I just switched back to forbesthosting from webhostingpad.com, who I might add, were Awful. They blocked the ports I need to use to query my game servers after saying they could have them open, and there web server was incredibility slow. So, after switching back to forbesthosting, I and other members of my site have noticed a Huge difference in how fast it takes to load. Instead of waiting, it seems like its ready for you before you click the link you want. I would also like to add that support for this company has dramatically increased since the last time I was with them. Any issues I had, they resolved, and quickly.

Garrett Beslow of www.fulloutwar.com on 07 Sep 2009

by Brandon Ford of www.mcshadowblade.com on29 Jan 2018: “I’ve been with Forbest for a few years now. Always helpful, and great hosting“their hosting for my Teamspeak, Minecraft, and other game servers. I’m the owner of mcshadowblade

by Brandon Ford of www.mcshadowblade.com on 29 Jan 2018

dude this company goes beyond its needs to help me.. You would be luck to be there client. they check on me almost on a weekly basis..

by David of www.pissalliance.com on 24 Mar 2013

Since being with For Best Hosting I have found that the services offered are A1. The staff have always been warm and approachable – with regular contact with the administrators via Teamspeak. I’m leader of a PS3 European gaming clan who have gone from strength to strength with the help of our Teamspeak server. Not only does this offer clearer and better quality comms than the in-game offering, but it allows us to play multiple games or different formats whilst still ‘chilling with the lads’ The webhosting service is also top notch – with support provided when needed….all at a price that’s right. Thanks ‘for Best Hosting’

by Mark Wiltshire of www.nbkclan.eu on 16 Oct 2007

I have 2 Ts server and 1 Website with this company, they are awesome ! Tech support is available 24/7 and if they are tied up they get back to you within 30 mins. Been with this company since 2005.

by N P of www.gthclan.com on 20 Apr 2010

Forbesthosting is a very fast, reliable host. I’ve been with them for almost a month and a half now and so far so good. Support is not slow. I don’t know what the person below me is talking about.

by serrebi 000 of www.transfertorrent.com on 04 Jan 2008

I was Forbest’s 2nd customer. And have happily been with them for many many years. They are a peoples company, who honestly care about the customer. Fbh bends over backwards to keep us happy. Just look @ thier emergency pager. Its a real beeper. I just want to say I have been very pleased with thier service.

by Aaron Gass of www.suicidal-soldiers.com on 04 Jan 2008

From What I have seen of this webhost, they are very Stable, have great uptime and Support their customers well. I have not been with them for very long, but so far the seem to be attentive to the needs of thier customers. This is something I look for in a web host.

by Z Uhlast of www.partytechno.com on 12 Oct 2007