Global Advantage Network Enterprises

Company Orginally name GANE. Founded In Jan. of 1997.

Websoft UK

Websoft UK became a client of GANE..

GANE Changes Name

GANE Changes it’s name to Forbest Hosting Company.

Websoft UK Merger

Websoft UK & FBH Merge to become one company.


Websoft UK Changes Name

Websoft UK changes it’s name to The Voss Services Group.

TVSG Becomes Parent

After a declining economy following Sept. 11,2001 Attacks . FBH drops from being the parent company and becomes a devision of TVSG.


Hurrincane IVAN

Hurrincane IVAN makes landfall in Florida. Destroying the datacenter where TVSG & FBH had its server located losing a massive amount of data and clients,