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Mike P. King
(Jan 19, 1979 - July 6, 2006)

Mike P. King
(Jan 19, 1979 – July 6, 2006)


Forbest Hosting company was founded by Michael P. King (19 yrs. Old) & Timothy M. McCune (17 Yrs Old) as Global Advantage Network on Jan 20, 1998. After a little over a year. We picked up a new client by the name of Rick. W. Voss (15 Yrs. Old) at the time he owned WebSoftUK a web design company located in England. Shortly after becoming a client we decided to merge our businesses and Become The Voss Services Group (TVSG) & Forbest Hosting Company (FBH). Our two businesses operate as one today.

In, 2001 Forbest Hosting suffered a large loss of client base due to the declining economy after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. This loss was damaging to our server base. We were able to pull through with dedication and determination.

Once regaining a good amount of business in the following year. Business was thriving for many years. then in Sept. 2004 hurricane Ivan managed to destroy infrastructure of our business. once again brought a decline in client tell. Mike, Rick, & Tim again would not see defeat and pushed forward in seeing the success of TVSG & FBH push threw. Once again managing to keep the business going and regaining our clients.

With so much success and so many troubles We knew that we had a great company and partnership going. Unfortunately. In on July 8th 2006 Mike P. King Passed away in his sleep at the age of 27. Mike was the heart of the partnership and the loss was great. Rick Voss and Tim McCune knew that they would have to find a way to fill his shoes and push forward in our dreams.

  • High Quality Hardware
  • Dedicated 24×7 Support
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • No Overcrowding Servers
  • Fast load times

What Our Clients Say

Aaron Gass
Web Developer

” I was Forbest’s 2nd customer. And have happily been with them for many many years. They are a peoples company, who honestly care about the customer. ”

Martin Wilkmiker

” Forbest hosting Teamspeak Hosting is,… put simply,….the best!. They have great up-time Tech support!.”